Welcome to the AEOLIX Reference Book

Here, we collect knowledge and insights that are affecting freight transport and logistics. The Reference Book consists of a number of articles on technologies, trends and practices that we have identified as particularly important and influential.


Artificial Intelligence

The term Aritificial Intelligence (AI) encompasses many meanings and definitions, ranging from popular culture to computer science. It is often described as an opposite to human, or natural, intelligence. Basically, AI is when a machine displays “cognitive functions” that are normally attributed to humans such as problem solving and learning. Advances in the area are extremely high-paced and boundaries of what becomes possible are pushed constantly.


Off-peak delivery

To avoid congestion in urban environments, deliveries can be planned for periods with lower traffic volumes, so called “off-peak” or “out-of-hours” delivery. The basic premise is that deliveries are done outside of normal business hours,  often in the night or early morning. For the haulage company this increases productivity since less time will be spent queueing thereby freeing up resources for productive work instead. 


Industry 4.0

Projected impact: Disruptive Timeframe: Within 5 years
Industry 4.0 is a collective term for several trends within manufacturing and industry. Industry 4.0 encompasses, among others, the concepts Smart manufacturing/smart factories, Dark factories (factories without humans and thus with no need for lights) and Industrial internet of things