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Here, we collect knowledge and insights that are affecting freight transport and logistics. The Reference Book consists of a number of articles on technologies, trends and practices that we have identified as particularly important and influential.



When transforming combustion based transportation to electric, there are a number of effects that can be observed. Even though passenger cars have been the first to go fully electric, we now see heavier vehicles entering the scene. Needless to say, electricity as a power source for transportation is growing fast.


Horizontal collaboration

Horizontal collaboration is when two or more shippers bundle their freight and jointly load transport vehicles. The word horizontal means that actors on the same level of the supply chain, in this example, all shippers, are forming the team (European Union, 2001). It distinguishes from vertical collaboration, in which actors from different levels of the supply chain, e.g., a shipper and a carrier, team up.



In production, automation has been the method of choice for more than a century, bringing precision and scalability to otherwise work-intensive industries. We see now see a dramatic increase in automation, partly due to advances in digital technologies such as sensors, processing power and algorithms.