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Here, we collect knowledge and insights that are affecting freight transport and logistics. The Reference Book consists of a number of articles on technologies, trends and practices that we have identified as particularly important and influential.



The technology behind bitcoin can be used to create decentralised information sharing combined with trust where there is none. The technology has the potential to change the way information is shared in supply chains in the future. However, it is still developing rapidly and it is very hard to predict future uses.


Horizontal collaboration

Horizontal collaboration is when two or more shippers bundle their freight and jointly load transport vehicles. The word horizontal means that actors on the same level of the supply chain, in this example, all shippers, are forming the team (European Union, 2001). It distinguishes from vertical collaboration, in which actors from different levels of the supply chain, e.g., a shipper and a carrier, team up.


Sharing economy

The sharing economy – when a long tail of supply is matched with a long tail of demand using technology – is rapidly gaining ground, even in B2B-systems.